Can't Access Internet With Some Apps


I cannot access internet with two programs unless I disable firewall.

the programs are:-

Logitech Harmony Remote Software

& Filezilla FTP Client

I am using Bitdefender Internet Security 2009



  • Alex Stanciu

    Hello leverman,

    In order to troubleshoot this issue please follow the steps bellow :

    1. Open BitDefender, go to Advanced View -> Firewall and temporarily uncheck "Firewall is enabled" . Now please test in order to see if you have the same issues ;

    2. If everything is working properly with teh Firewall disabled, select the Network tab in the upper menu and click on the current "Network Type", pull down the drop-down menu and select "Trusted Local" and Generic needs to be set to "Yes".

    3. Click on the Rules tab then click on the Advanced button from the lower left side of the BitDefender window and look for the entry for Logitech Harmony Remote Software and Filezilla FTP Client .

    5. Double click on it and check in order to see if it is set to Deny. If that is the case please double click on the entry and set it to Allow. Now test in order to see if you have the same issues.

    Thank you .

  • Thank you for your help.

    The issue was resolved by upgrading to Version 2010