Problems Treating Infected Files


Bitdefender scanner is taking loooong time to treat infected files when the first action is 'Disinfect files'

I ran a contextual scan on a single file Patch.exe (Trojan.Zlob.5450) which took 53 seconds !!

But if first action is 'Delete files' the scan took 1 second !!!

In both the cases same action was taken i.e. Deleted.

The scanner takes long time to treat infected files irrespective of which scan i am running as long as first action is 'Disinfect files'.

I have made a .rar file of Patch.exe and when i extract it bitdefender real time protection is unable to block it and it didn't even block at the time of running it !!!

(Real time protection is enabled and set to default)

Please explain.

Also i couldnt find the desciption/threat level of the trojan on bitdefender virus encyclopedia and where can i access the logs for blocked viruses?


  • alexcrist

    Hello kunalkoool,

    Please put the infected file in an archive protected with the password infected (details in my signature), upload the archive on a file sharing server of your choice (like and send me the download link by PM.


  • I have sent you the download link through PM.


    Please tell me how can i find the description of Trojan.Zlob.5450 and where in BDTS 2010 can i access the logs for blocked viruses?

    Thanks in advance.

  • 20 days since my first post for this topic.

    Not even a single question answered !!

    Does anyone care ????

  • alexcrist

    Hello kunalkoool,

    I am very sorry for the late reply. The file got lost on my system after I received it.

    The disinfection problem that you reported could not be reproduced. On my system, the disinfection was made in under 4 seconds (yes, the final status was still "deleted", but it didn't take 50+ seconds).

    On the other hand, this file was analyzed by BitDefender Labs and was determined that it doesn't pose any threat to the system, so the detection was removed.

    To view the logs BitDefender saved on your system, open BitDefender Security Center and click View logs (on the bottom-right corner of the window). You will get to the general History window, where you can view all logs related to all BitDefender modules.