[solved]how To Change The Settings Of The Free Online Scanner?

I was/am negatively surprised as I opened the site with the free online scaner and noticed that the settings are preconfigured, so it automaticlly scans all drivers and folders and auto remove what he find.

This may be better but not for me. I d like to scan curtain drivers or not to scann curtain folders. And nevertheless I d like to know what he remove.

So, is there any chance to have the decision control again in my hands? Can I modify the settings? Or maybe there is another link to the online scaner where this is possible?

thanks for the answers.


  • Hello cska133,

    The BitDefender Online Scanner offers you the possibility to scan certain files or to choose what actions you need to take when an infected file is found. Please follow the steps bellow :

    1. Access the next link:http://www.bitdefender.com/scanner/online/free.html using Internet Explorer.

    2. Click on the "Start Scanner " button, agree with the Terms and Conditions then click on the "Start Here" button.

    3. Now a new window displayed as in the screen-shot will be available. If you click on "Folders to Scan", you will have the possibility to choose what drives or folders you can scan and if you access "Cleaning Options", you can select the scanning options or what actions to take when an infected file is found .

    4. After you perform these changes click on the "Start Scan" button and after the Virus Signatures will be downloaded, the scan should start.

    Thank you.


  • hi,

    I viewed the same page before...

    so how to understand the text written on this site:

    Key features
    Superior proactive detection. BitDefender is well known for its ability to detect new and unknown viruses for which signatures have not been released yet.
    Virus and spyware cleaning. Powerful scan engines detect and remove all viruses and spyware.
    Always up-to-date. The virus signatures are updated automatically each time the product is launched.
    Effective right away. The scanner is configured to automatically clean all infected files.
    Convenient. Double-checks the security status of your PC even if you already have an Antivirus program installed.

    especially this

    [b]The scanner is configured to automatically clean all infected files.[/b]


    Can you please explain it to me?

    I didnt try what you suggest because I am not on my home PC and what to do this on the office PC.

    Waiting for your answer.


  • Hello cska133,

    Depending on the nature of the infection and the size of the file, BitDefender will disinfect the infected files that are found during the scan. This is the default option which is set, but you can change this action if you wish. As I told you in my last post, if you click on the "Cleaning Options" link, you will have the possibility to choose what is the first action you want BitDefender Online Scanner to take when an infected file is found:

    • Report only
    • Prompt user for action
    • Disinfect
    • Delete

    Thank you.

  • yes. it was exactly like this earlier when I used Bitdefender Online Scanner. :rolleyes:

    But now I was convinced by the

    The scanner is configured to automatically clean all infected files
    , so I thought that everything is now preconfigured and can not be changed.

    One question.

    As I said I have used the Online scanner earlier.

    So now after choosing the settings and click to scan it loads and after that it ask me if I want to replace the existing dll file. Unfortunatly I dont rememer which dll file is was.

    Do I have to replace this file?

  • Hello cska133,

    I am not sure about what ".dll" file you are referring to. Please take a screen-shot of this message, upload it on http://www.sendspace.com/, then post here the download link.

    Thank you.

  • hi,

    the file is bdcore.dll.

    See the screenshot below.



  • waiting for your answer.


  • Hello cska133,

    You should choose to allow replacing that file. "Bdcore.dll" is the Antivirus Core Library and it is used in the scan process.

    Thank you.

  • this question about replacement will come everytime I do the online scan?

  • Hello cska133,

    This file should not be replaced each time you run a scan. Please follow the steps bellow and let us know what happens :

    - Open Internet Explorer;

    - Go to Tools and then click "Uninstall BitDefender Online Scanner v8";

    - close Internet Explorer when prompted and click "OK".

    After that, try to run another scan after that and let us know if the same sittuation occurs.

    Thank you.

  • ok I did this.

    Now I am not able to run online scan becuase everytime it can not updaze/download the virus definitions and it breaks with error. I am trying it in the last 4-5 days.

    Could someone try it too?

    Maybe it is a server problem?

  • cska133
    edited January 2010

    hello again,

    could some one please help me :mellow:

    Since 2 weeks I am trying to run the Online scanner without success -_-

    At first the virus definitions could not be downloaded/installed and I got only error messages. I hoped that this is a server issue.

    Since some days I am able to downlad and install the virus definitions (100%) but after that the process stops?!? There is no action any more... I let the it but 3 hours long there were no changes, everything stays at the popup with engine at 100% and virus definitions at 100%.

    - Open Internet Explorer;

    - Go to Tools and then click "Uninstall BitDefender Online Scanner v8";

    - close Internet Explorer when prompted and click "OK".

    I did this many times...

    Using the online scanner earlier I now that after engine and virus defs are 100% is comes sindows with the scan process, but now...

    I dont know if this is issue only on my machine or it is global problem with the online scanner.


  • Hello cska133,

    We have sent you an email with the procedure that will help you overcome this situation.

    Please reply back if you have any other questions.

    Thank you.

  • hi, thank you.

    But It looks like it was server problem... the online scan is now working.

  • Hello cska133,

    We are glad to notice that your issue has been solved.

    Please reply to the e-mail you received if you have any other question.

    Thank you.

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