Win32.fidcop.gen In A Temp File Crashes Bd


Anytime I'm running Bitdefender IS2010 it crashes after finding Win32.Fidcop.Gen ALWAYS into a temp file.

Therefore I have to restart the computer to have Bitdefender working again.

It seems that the temp file that he founds it infected, is one created by him ...and it can't delete it... No actions can be taken.

How can I fix this issue? So far BD says that I didn't scan my computer for days...

OS: XP Pro 64 bit

Captures attached





  • Hello ediloso,

    Please try the steps bellow and let us know what happens :

    1. Disable the BitDefender real-time protection and/or any other active security solution(s) that you are using;

    2. Save the GMER tool (and then extract it if needed) to a location of your choice:



    3. Make sure you close all active applications and then run the tool;

    4. Allow the tool a few moments to load up and perform the initial scan;

    5. In the upper left of the GMER window, you will see the tab "Rootkit/Malware" and ">>>"; Please click on ">>>"; Next click on the tab "Files";

    6. Use the tree list on the left to browse and the list on the right to locate the following file(s):


    7. Once you located the file select it with one click (in the list on the right), then press the button "Delete"; A new window will open asking you to confirm (choose "Yes");

    8. Close the tool once this operation is completed;

    9. Reboot the computer.

    In order to check whether the virus removal procedure has succeeded, we recommend another complete scan of your computer with BitDefender.


    [how to DISABLE THE REAL-TIME PROTECTION on BitDefender 2010]

    In order to disable the real-time protection please open BitDefender, click the "Settings" button in the upper right side of the interface, Switch UI to "Expert Mode", Click "OK"; Go to "Antivirus" > "Shield" and click on "Real-time protection is enabled", select the time interval that suites your troubleshooting needs and click "OK" (the message will change to "Real-time protection is disabled"). The real-time protection should be enabled after performing the troubleshooting procedure.

    If the situation persists or you require further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Thank you.