[solved] Scan One File Only

How can I get BD to scan only one file? BD always scans the registry and Windows folders first, then starts the scan where it's pointed. Many times I'll check a file by saving to A drive, but scanning the registry and Windows folders first is very slow.


  • Hoy,

    I do it this way :

    You click right on the file you want to scan and then click to scan with BD

  • Hello decroft,

    Another alternative to what Jaguar said (which is correct) is to select the target file(s) and/or folder(s) (the ones you want to scan) and to drag and drop them on the BitDefender Scan Activity Bar. If you don't you the Scan Activity Bar (you disabled it from the options), then the fastest solution is the one posted by Jaguar.


  • Since there were no more question on this topic, I will consider this issue solved. :)


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