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[solved] Windows Firewall


I'm using Bit Defender Internet Security 2008. I've always been told that running two antivirus programs could generate conflicts, this is the reason why I want the Windows XP SP2 Firewall permanently de-activated. Using the appropriate dialog window, I check the "de-activate" box. Every time I restart my computer, I observe that the Windows firewall is again active.

My concern is: how can I permanently de-activate this stubborn Windows firewall, if at all possible ?

Thanks for help, if any. Best regards. :unsure:


  • Hello jclgan,

    You have to go to Control Panel -> Windows Firewall, select Off (not recommended) and click OK.


    If you don't use the Internet Connection Sharing feature, you can also go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services and disable the service called Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing.



  • Since there were no more question on this topic, I will consider this issue solved. :)


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