Bd Is 2009 Problems With Year 2010?


Happy New Year to all .

My surprise this morning after a deep scan when I see that all other scanning "last run " are in year 2002 !!

BD has a problem with 2009 and 2010??



  • Hello Emile,

    Happy New Year to you, too!

    What happens if you run those tasks again? Does the "Last run" date appears OK?

    Also, how does the History appear? Are the dates there OK?


  • Hello Cris,

    As you can see on the screen shot : yes the date is correctly changed .

    Where is the "history"?

    thanks in advance

  • Lower-right corner of the BitDefender Security Center window.


  • Hi Cris, To me the history seams OK


  • Hello Emile,

    I'm sorry for the big delay.

    I couldn't find any details or known issues about this matter. Also, I didn't find any other complains about it, which might mean that it was just a small glitch on your system, caused by some file corruption and/or write error. I don't even think it's particularly related to the passing into 2010 (it might have happened anytime).