Gane Mode Broken On Bd 2010 Av With W7 64 Bit

Today i ve observed that gaming mode doesnt work properly.2 days ago was ok now it doesnt.Since 2 days ago only one update requested me to restart PC ,few tens of minutes ago.

I m not using automatic gaming mode ,i manually switch to Game mode when i need it ,from right clicking on the taskbar icon.

The problem is that when i click on the activate gaming mode the icon doesnt change to the one with the G and the right click menu doesnt show the disable gaming mode option ,though after i click on the gaming mode and i press ok on the confirmation pop-up ,when i try to update ,BD says that its in game mode and it cant do the update.

The interface doesnt alow me to switch back ,the only field regarding Game mode beeing the one with Enable :)

I dont know if it s only an interface bug ,relating to the taskbar icon and its menues ,maybe under the hood the game mode is working .

Kind of funny bug.

Finally BD 2010 AV was working ,no crashes no stupid errors and today you did it again ,pff .


  • Sm3K3R
    Sm3K3R ✭✭✭

    Ha-ha-ha ,now i ve restarted and BD has issues for integrating in the Windows Action Center ,i was asked if i trust this program ,lol.

    What did you do to it ?

    Unbeliveble! It was simply working few hours ago ,before the update ,god ###### it.

    If i uninstall it again ill be damned i f ill ever use it again ,i swear.

  • Sm3K3R
    Sm3K3R ✭✭✭

    It seems that after 3 more PC restarts it recovered by itself .

  • Sm3K3R
    Sm3K3R ✭✭✭

    It brake again yesterday .The update regarding scan bar messed up BD for me.

    Tryed to reinstall BD but after reinstall Windows Action Center started reporting that BD antivirus is turned off.

    I was asked several times if i trust BitDefender LLC when trying to fix the issue.By the way i took a look at the BD certificate and it expires on 25 january 2010 .What happens after it expires if before that date is not recognized as a ok aplication ?

    At this time i ve unintalled BD and i wish you good luck this year .I may use some other products that actually work ,products that use the BD engine ,like F-Secure ,G-Data or maybe Bullguard ,if needed.