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Problem With Bd And Thunderbird


Good morning,

I have 2 problems:

- First: I use BD total security 2009, and since I updated thunderbird, I cannot use BDToolbar, so I can't get the BD antispam system.

- Second: when I scan my computer, BD finds a corrupted mail in the Thunderbird mailbox, but it can't remove it. Besides, it only gives a number for this email, so I can't manually remove it from inside the Thunderbird GUI. (And I can't open the Thunderbird mailbox in windows explorer)

Do you have any idea?

Thank you in advance.

BD Total security 2009

Thunderbird 3.0

Windows vista family 64-bits


  • Hello chtite.canaille,

    We are very sorry for the late response. We inform you that the Antispam toolbar is now compatible with the latest version of Mozilla Thunderbird.

    Therefore, in order to fix this issue, we kindly invite you to upgrade for free to our latest version, BitDefender Total security 2010. You will be able to use the same license key in order to register it. Please access this link for more information regarding the upgrade process.

    As per the corrupted mail, after the upgrade, please run a Deep System Scan, click on Show log at the end of the process and save it on your computer. Please upload the scan log on SendSpace and send me a PM with the download link.

    Thank you.