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There's A Notepad Or Wordpad On Bitdefender Linux?

edited February 2022 in The Archive

hi dianne ^_^

there's a notepad on the bitdefender linux? help me plss and teach me how to use it if the bit linux have notepad or wordpad,. because i have project to my school,, im a student only, i like bitdefender that i want to know how to use this,,^_^ my teacher assign me in linux to discuss about this, and he ask if we have a notepad or wordpad,, help me ^^

tnx in advance dianne beleh, godbless


  • Hello,

    You may use Xedit as graphical text editor in Knoppix. Right click on desktop, select Apps and then go to Xedit.

  • Tnx very much dan, :D

    anyway, how can i delete the virus using terminal as root? Dianna t0ld me the command is (bdscan --action=delete) but its not working... Tnx in advance (^_^)