Installing Wireless Printer, Problems

Trying to install a HP 8500 Pro Wireless. I have changed my adapter settings to Full Trust, Stealth Off, Generic Yes, and created a Zone with the printer IP, and created a rule to let that IP do whatever it wanted with the ports, however the setup program is still telling me that it can't connect with the printer on port 139. Any suggestions? I am running Internet Security 2009.


  • Dear renesisfury,

    We are very sorry for the late reply to your post. Please let us know if you are still dealing with this issue.

    If you do, please follow the steps bellow:

    - open BitDefender and Switch to Advance view;

    - uncheck 'Firewall is enabled' option for 15 minutes and see if the issue persists;

    - if you could print with the Firewall disabled please go back and enable it;

    - click on Advanced Settings:

      check the 'Enable Internet Connection Sharing' option
      uncheck 'Block Port Scans' option
    and click OK.

    Please let us know if the situation persists after following these steps.

    Thank you.