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Grey Antiphishing Toolbar In Mozilla Firefox (antiphishing)



Since an 3.5 update on firefox , the bitfender anti-phishing toolbar 2.0 is blocked.

"Not compatible with Firefox 3.5.7"

It is grey in list of extensions :

- Uninstall button is grey and not active

- no update available (and have not seen anything relevant in bitdefender base)

- Options button is grey and not active

What could I do ? :unsure:

My conf : Vista premium - Asus 32 bits - Firefox 3.57 - Bitdefendef Internet Security 2009 - Antiphishing Toolbar 2.0

Thanks for any valuable help


  • alexcrist

    Hello ulysse26,

    To fix the toolbar, follow these steps:

    - download this file: Save it in a new folder.

    - restart your system in SafeMode (while the computer is restarting, press F8 multiple times and, when the BootMenu appears, select Safe Mode and press enter)

    - after the system starts and you log on, dismiss the notification which asks you to run System Restore (close it, such as you WON'T start System Restore)

    - browse to this folder

    C:\Program Files\BitDefender\BitDefender 2009\FFToolbar

    (assuming BitDefender was installed in C:\Program Files\BitDefender)

    - copy the previously downloaded file into the above folder, overwriting the existing file

    - restart your system normally, open Firefox and check if the toolbar is functional.

    These steps have been successfully tested on Windows XP Professional SP2, BitDefender Antivirus 2009 and Mozilla Firefox 3.5.7 with no other extensions installed.

    Please post if this solves your problem.


  • alexcrist

    A small note. After replacing the file, BitDefender Update will download again the old version and replace it. To prevent this, after you replace the file (as described in the previous post), before restarting your system in Normal Mode, right click on install.rdf (from the BitDefender folder), select Properties, check the Read only option and click OK.

    Then, after you restart the system normally, after BitDefender makes the first update check, it will ask for a reboot in order to finalize an update. Restart the system and, after that, it should be OK. BitDefender shouldn't re-download that file, and still the modified version will be available for use and Firefox should load the toolbar just fine.


  • Thanks Cris,

    I did exactly as you said in the two messages.

    I had to restart a couple of times after BDIS2009 update and some Firefox modules updates.

    It solved also two other problem on Firefox:

    1- the automatic search on address completion in the address bar.

    2- the completion of update of another module (Aardvark) very useful in my opinion for saving ink when printing.

    So thank you again Cris.

    Best wishes for all this 2010 year ! B)