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Trojan.generic.2892965, Trojan.heur. Tp.iu0@b0tsempi


There's a trojan that keeps on coming up but with different names. At first it was trojan.generic.1xxx, number but now it's trojan.generic.2892965 and trojan.heur .TP. iu0@b0tSeMpi

I have run deep system scan and full system scan on my PC but even though sometimes it can be detected and deleted, it comes back after reboot. Sometimes, it can't even be detected at all, but BitDefender will keep warning me when it's blocking the trojan.

I notice it only happens after I connect to the internet. On my MSN messenger I am told that I am giving out links ( or something like that..). I've tried to do system restore but the trojan probably came back after I plugged in my pendrive. I believe all my pendrives are now infected, but when I scan it with BitDefender it couldn't detect it. I think the pendrives are infected because I scanned it with my college's antivirus Kapersky and it could detect the virus.

It has been going on for a few weeks. What can I do? Please help!



  • alexcrist

    Hello esadora,

    Please read this article:

    Use the 2 tools presented there to create logs on your system. Before using the tools, attach to your system the pendrives.

    After the logs have been created, upload them on a file sharing server of your choice (like and send me the download link by PM. After the logs are analyzed, I will post back further information.