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No More Bit Defender


Before my subscription was out, I uninstalled BitDefender. Too many problems. The gray ball, the continual freezes, the shoddy protection (I got a Vundo; BD alerted me about it after it let it in my system), and continual problems with the program functioning. Forget customer service. They don't care. I learned that shortly after I bought BD 2009 and couldn't get it registered properly.

I can't tell you how many times I've clicked a button in the BitDefender program only to have it just sit there. I have been a customer for at least two years, maybe more; and it's time to say goodbye. By the way, when I do see a positive review of BD on the software forums by professional reviewers, it is always offset by the real-life stories of the users. Quite often, the stories aren't pretty.

It's very telling to me that this product was once a geek's dream. You never heard anything but good about it. Now, nobody in any of the tech forums across the Internet, nor any of my tech-minded friends, ever (and I mean, ever) recommends BitDefender. I have not seen one person recommend this product. On forums where they debug systems, I have not once seen them use a BitDefender tool. They will use F-Secure, Kapersky, Norton, Trend Micro online scanners, etc., and the list goes on. No BitDefender.

To add insult to injury, on the uninstall, BitDefender screwed up my system. I now am getting messages, "New Hardware Found." I have no new hardware. I checked in Device Manager and clicked on details for the product: "ROOT\LEGACY_ARRAKIS3\000." Gee, I wonder where that came from? Arrakis3. Hmmm... I did an Internet Search that led me to this forum, where a customer was complaining about the exact same thing happening on several computers he uninstalled BD from. His last post, where he gave a screen shot, was not even answered. I found another person who had the same issue posting on another forum. There are probably many others who have no clue what caused the problem and wouldn't think that it was a BD uninstall.

I would, first of all ... before all else ... like a fix/patch for the above "new hardware" issue. I've already lost money with an unusable product. Please address this issue. I think the patch/fix should be posted here to let others know there is a solution.

Most people don't like change. I really don't. I didn't want to uninstall BD. I didn't want to disable it, as I have mostly done over the last six months. It just does not the job. I've paid for a product that doesn't work. And don't tell me it's my system, etc. Other products work fine. Don't suggest BD 2010. I've read enough to know the problems have been very similar.

Thank you.