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How Can I Delete The Virus Using Terminal As(root)

edited February 2022 in The Archive

Hi guys, h0w can i delete the virus using terminal as(root)? I'm trying to use bdscan --action=delete, but its invalid. Please help.. Tnx


  • re1n0ut
    edited February 2010

    BD can't delete it because the virus probably is inside a heavily compressed archive..

    to delete the archive you should go to the directory in which it is stored and delete it there, make sure you have a system recovery point before you do this.

    in a terminal type :

    cd /directory/directory/directory

    change 'directory' according to the actual directories in which the archive is stored if there are more directories just add them with a "/" (slash) in front of 'em

    When inside the correct folder type :

    del filename.extension

    change 'filename' and 'extension' according to the filename in which the virus was detected

  • diana told me that command to delete the virus using terminal as root.. huhu,,but not work,, :'(

  • Hello warren flores,

    Could you please put here the command that you are trying to run?

  • ahmm this is the command bdscan --action=delete but not work.,.,help plss.,., tnx in advance

  • Hello,

    The command that should be run in order to delete an infected file is

    # rm /path/to/infected/file

    Please send us more details about your issue (screen captures, the steps followed to reproduce the issue, etc.)

    Thank you