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Bitdefender Has Strange Message


hi all

from tow week ago BD can't update . I thought because I use slow internet (dial up) and when I finish exam and try to update it in cafenet it also can't update !!!

a message shown file crash and must submit to analysist (I submit but no one answer)

I use ntbackup.exe to recovered PC hen I repaired BD and update it manual update but when I try to open any file this message shown


I use Dr Web (CureIT) and Kaspersky removaltool AVP but no virus has been detected !!!!

the other strange thing BD detect Kaspersky files (file_name.klq) as a win32.sality.og !!!!

as I know sality infect onely exeutable files or files like (com,exe,scr) not any file


finally I wish you help me as soon as possible


  • csalgau

    While I am not able to help you with the first problem(try removing the file indicated in the error?), I can tell you that you have not payed enough attention to files detected by BitDefender. The klq extension is for quarantine files of the mentioned product and BitDefender is able to read those.

    Please contact BitDefender support directly for help troubleshooting the crash problem.

    Have a nice day!

  • I well send these files (The klq extension) to BD support team and I well updrade to BD 2010 .

    Thank you and nice dreams without viruses