[solved] Registration Expiry Period And Account Details

I have only had BitDefender Free Edition 2009 for a few days and it looks good - I like it.

Question 1

Would anybody please tell me why my registration is VALID but has a limit of only 26 days and is reducing each day ?

I have done everything I am aware of but cannot get this period to show ONE YEAR as I was given to expect when I installed the program.

Re-registering every 26 days is unacceptable. To do this 14 times each year is too much to expect.

Question 2

When I click the ACCOUNTS tag, up comes a CREATE ACCOUNT screen with my Email address and Password shown in the SIGN IN TO AN EXISTING ACCOUNT box.

Not knowing or being told what else to do, I click FINISH and nothing happens ! No details - no nothing.

It does not even transfer me to my account on the Internet.

What use is this ACCOUNT screen ?

Many thanks

John Bull


  • Hello John Bull,

    Thank you for reporting this situation and we are sorry for the delayed response. The problem with the license key has been resolved on the BitDefender servers. All you need to do now is to update BitDefender 2009 Free (or let it update by itself) and the registration period should be extended with 1 year.

    Please let us know if you encounter any problems.


  • Since no further problems have been reported, I will consider this issue solved.


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    == Issue solved ==

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