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Bsdelfpr.sys Bsod With New Xp Product Installation Bitdefender 2010


After installing your NEW BitDefender 2010 product on my Windows XP system, it will not boot, giving me a BSOD, driver_irql_not_less_or_equal 0x000000D1 error. My system will reboot, generating a corrupt Minidump file with no info. My system will then 'recover from a serious error' and boot normally. The file bsdelfpr.sys IS NOT PRESENT in my system. I have Updated BitDefender 2010 to the latest version. I have registered with you, and Activated my copy of BitDefender 2010.

So far, I am Not Impressed with your product.


  • Hello BigJ8,

    Regarding your issue, we sent you an e-mail with some information we need before sending you a solution for this.

    Please reply back to our e-mail.

    As for any other reports for this issue, please post them on this topic and also let us know in the future what BitDefender version you are using and what operating system.

    Thank you.