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I Have Just Installed Bitdefender 2010 And Its Such A Pain.


I have just installed bitdefender 2010 and its such a pain.

Has this software been tested, I just raised a ticket, but evan that was infuriating!!

You ask for a licence key, but you've code the page in the package such that I can't simply copy the existing!! WHY!!

You know how much hastle it is to try to manually copy such, don't you??

You have even badly coded your web site!!

Trying to submit a ticket your javascript on that page crashes ie7 both if the key is wrong (see above!!) and after successful submission.

What standards are you keeping to (code wise) !! :rolleyes:


  • Hello Sam234,

    Regarding your issues, please try to provide us with more details if you wish our help.

    Please let us know the exact BitDefender version you installed, the operating system you are using, what antivirus did you have before and how did you remove it.

    In case you receive an error message, please also attach a screen-shot with the error message.

    Thank you.