Bd2009 To 2010 Migration

Dear team,

I have been searching the internet for a solution to my problem however I cannot seem to find any answers. I have BitDefender 2009 Professional Plus which was running fine on Windows XP however since my laptop has been upgraded to Windows 7 I am no longer able to install Bitdefender (It says it is not compatible with Windows).

I then downloaded and installed Bitdefender 2010 Antivirus from Online and when I entered the serial number it said it is not valid. I have tried Bitdefender 2010 Internet Security but that doesn't work either.

Any ideas as to what happend to Professional Plus version? and how can this be upgraded to 2010 please?

Many thanks in advance




  • Hello Jehanzeb,

    If you have a license key for Professional Plus v9 you should be able to use the license key in order to register BitDefender Internet Security 2010. Please read this article for more information regarding the upgrade.

    Please be so kind as to send me a PM with your license key in order to verify it and I will tell you what would be the latest version available you can use.

    Looking forward to having your reply!

    Thank you.