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I was browsing the Internet in sheer frustration to find some answer to BitDefender`s complete and utter disregard for customers queries, whether by online Email or Forum. No reply is the order of the day to these people.

I entered :- "BitDefender address"

In the search output came this interesting item :-


Antivirus Software – BitDefender - Virus Protection Security Now!

Antivirus BitDefender - award winning virus protection software for your ... User name (e-mail address): Password: Remember my ID on this computer for 7 days ...

https://myaccount.bitdefender.com/ - United States - Cached - Similar -


If I click this item, I get MY OWN account details come up in all it`s glory, Email address and all !

I hope that this item recognises my individual IP, otherwise it is an intrusion on personal privacy, where anybody can see my account details.

If this is the case, I instruct the BitDefender security people to delete my account immediately. I do not wish to have the whole world knowing my Email address.

The only consolation is that when I accessed this item using an anonymous proxy, no details were shown.

So presumably any other IP than my own will fail.

This means "hopefully" to me that ONLY MYSELF can access this item using my personal IP in order to get the account details.


Jeepers - Creepers, the damned matter gets worse every minute in my association with BitDefender.

Perhaps it is a good idea for all users to leave BitDefender alone and find some other more attractive and customer considerate program that does not glory in antagonising us so much. No other freebie I have ever known has been such an infernal nuisance as BitDefender.

John Bull


  • alexcrist
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    Hello John Bull,

    As I see it, the described situation is extremely simple: you were logged in on BitDefender MyAccount then, when you clicked the link myaccount.bitdefender.com in Google and you accessed that page, the browser automatically logged you in with the already stored cookie (from your system).

    Of course, when you accessed the same link using a proxy server, the proxy had no access to your cookies, so when MyAccount.bitdefender.com asked for it, the proxy couldn't provide it, so you were shown the login page instead.

    The situation is absolutely normal and happens exactly the same on any site that requires registration (and you don't log out before closing that page). To avoid this kind of problems, please remember to logout before closing any authenticated pages.

    Also, rest assured that, even if you keep authenticated cookies in your system (to skip logon on different sites), someone else won't be able to view the pages without knowing your password. Most authenticated servers also authenticate the sessions based on IP (and also on a specific timeframe, after which you are automatically logged out), so even in case of cookie theft, you are most of the times secure. But, just to be on the safe side, remember this:

    when using highly secured and very important sites (such as: online banking, different sites with critical information, like registration info, etc...), make sure you ALWAYS logout before closing the page. This will force the server to invalidate any further login attempts without providing a password, even in case of cookie theft.


  • Since there are no more questions on this matter, I will consider this issue solved.


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