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Broken Refund Form



Regardless of what OS or browser I try this on the same thing happens. The refund form located at always returns the same error of:

'Your issue description needs to be at least 10 characters long'

The issue type field is not editable, it is a drop down list. No matter what I choose in that field the same error occurs.

Any advice appreciated.


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    edited February 2010

    Hello Anotheruser,

    We are very sorry for the negative experience with our product and support. Please be so kind as to specify a reason for your refund request. In case you encountered technical issues with our program, please send us a description of the situation you ran into and we will provide you with a solution.

    You can also submit your request to us directly to our Customer Service department using this link. For a refund request, please include the purchase details (order id, email address used for the purchase, full name, country, and if you purchased online or offline).

    In order to submit the Refund form to us you will need to have the JavaScript enabled on your browser.

    For Internet Explorer you can find the option here:

    Tools -> Internet Options -> Security Tab -> Custom level -> Scripting -> Active Scripting -> Enable

    You can also also choose to Reset to Default value from the bottom and then click on the Reset button.

    For Mozilla Firefox you can find it here:

    Tools -> Options -> Content tab -> check 'Enable JavaScript'

    You could also have some extensions that are blocking this page (e.g NoScript, AdBlock, etc). We recommend you to go to Tools -> Add-ons -> Extentions tab and disable them or add and exception for the the BitDefender domain (*

    If this did not help you, in order to be able to find out what exactly is causing this please be so kind as to create a new folder on your Desktop. Then please access again the Refund form page and go to File -> Save (page) as -> choose Save as type: 'Web page, complete' and save it on the new folder created. Please upload it on SendSpace and send me a PM with the download link.

    Thank you.