Bitdefender Antivirus 2009 - Bdvedisk.sys Missing

REF: WinXP Pro SP3, BitDefender Antivirus 2009

FIRST - DO NOT recommend BitDefender Antivirus 2010, already tried it, causes my system to crash on reboots. Hardware issue with my motherboard's VIA Chipset.

When I looked at my system's Event Logs, noticed that an entry said BDVEDISK did not start, file missing.

From a Google search I found that BDVEDISK.sys should be in C:\Program Files\BitDefender\BitDefender 2009 folder, or in Windows/system32/drivers according to a post on this site.

Well, on my system it's NOT there?

:huh: So, should I have BDVEDISK.sys and where should it be located?

IF I DO need it, can I get the file WITHOUT reinstalling BitDefender?


  • Hello Tecknomage,

    bdvedisk.sys is the BitDefender File Vault Disk Driver. As it's name suggest, it's part of the File Vault encryption module, which is not present in BitDefender Antivirus.

    So no, you don't need that file and even if you get it, BitDefender Antivirus won't be able to use it. You have nothing to worry about because that file is missing. Yes, probably there are some missing references which cause the Event Logs to show some errors about this missing driver. But other than that, BitDefender Antivirus should work just fine.