Intrusion Detection Alert Error Popup

Hello, since few days (after an update of BitDefender), each time I start my CFS3 game ( the Pacific version only?) I receive this error. I respond "allow" and a new rule has been created BUT this is at EVERY START of the game ??

How to avoid this popup?

Thanks in advance.

Vista sp2


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    Hello Emile,

    Please open BitDefender in Advanced view -> go to the Antivirus module, click on Scanner Settings and tell me if you are seeing a rule created for this game on the Excluded Applications list.

    Please also browse to this location: C:\Program Files\BitDefender\BitDefender 2009

    Copy-paste the file mdsettings.xml into a different location, then upload it on Sendspace and send me a PM with the download link.

    Try to open this game more than once in the same session (without restarting your computer) and let us know if you are receiving this message each time you are opening it.

    Thank you.

  • Emile
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    Hello Carmen ,

    This is a screenshot of the requested and YES I received the popup each time I start this game



  • Sorry for the 2 screenshots.

    BTW I want to tell you that the down/up/ left/ right arrows and +; - visible on the screenshot do NOT work ... in fact the entire window seams protexted from any keyin.

    I just observed the the Behavioral scanner was disable (unchecked ) ...

    I did check it (enable) and now I can use the arrows . I started several times the game FS3 and I STILL receive the popup error AND the number of entries in the screenshot has increased !!

    Hope it helps


  • Since I have set (checked) this option I receive popup for each program I start.....

  • Hello,

    No news?

  • Hello Emile,

    I am very sorry for the late response. If you are still having this issue please upgrade for free to BitDefender 2010 in order to solve this.

    Please access this link for more information regarding the upgrade process.

    Thank you.