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Support Delay - Anyone Else?


I had problems with Bitdefender 2010 and asked for support. A tech gave me advice and signed off. Following the advice essentially removed part of my Bitdefender product. Instead of progress bars getting bigger, they reversed and got smaller. I emailed back for more help.

I got a reply on 8 January asking me to provide info which I did THAT DAY.

My reply from the support team arrived TODAY. That's one month and 8 days later.

That's also 1 month and 8 days without virus protection.

I find this unacceptable.


  • On one of my computers running Windows XP, I had several things go wrong after installing Bitdefender.

    1. I would always have "New Programs installed" message appear when I pressed the start button. No new programs had been installed. This message also tells me which new programs were installed, and it identified programs that were installed years ago.

    2. Immediately after doing a system scan, the status window would say a system scan had never been done.

  • Hello Jim45,

    We noticed that you have a ticket with one of my colleagues from the Technical Support Team and you received a reply on February 16.

    Please reply to the e-mail if you have any other question.

    Thank you.

  • my own is more of a complain.I have just installed Bitdefender inetrnet security 2010 on a Windows Xp SP3 sysytem.I was able to update automatically but d system fail to scan.anytime i try to scan manually by clickin on the manual scan,it doesnn't responsd.So i have an antivirus that is up to date but not scanning?

    Pls help its urgent.