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Too Many Complaints On A Antivirus Product


I never knew a program, which had so many complaints as Bitdefender, I'm really disappointed on buying a license for AV 2010, I have posted some of the problems that this particular AV had on my system, and it seems there's no solution for a single one.

My internet connections drops if I use several programs at the same time, there's a recommendations on the fix issues to download microsoft garbage on my system, which I not very keen on that, I don't know what happened to this year's AV., Bitdefender used to have a big reputation on the Antivirus scheme.

Solution: Desinstalation on the Antivirus, less problems and worries than the use of it.


  • Hello Viggen66,

    We apologize for the issues you encountered with our product.

    As far as I noticed, you did not contact our Support Team so far on your issues. You had another post on this forum on January 18 and we answered to it, but you did not reply so that we may know if the issue is solved or not.

    In case you need any other assistance from us feel free to contact us at any time in the future.

    Thank you.

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