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[suggestion] Feature That Bitdefender Should Improve



I'm using Bitdefender Internet Security 2010. The program works great here.

However I faced some annoy when I would like to sort any list in the program.

Example: In Firewall -> Activity .. It would be better if I can sort item in many way such as

In, Process name, PID/Port, Out, In.

In Privacy control -> Registry, Cookie, ******

It should be able to sort in many catagories expescially Cookie & ****** (where the list of rule is very long), it very hard to sort "Deny"action out of "Allow" I need to set in item by item and make sure that I'm not skipped anythings, or I would like to sort in direction to see the outgoing and Incomming. The program is great but it very annoy me in micromanagement program.

The program should be able to sort in other menu that I not provide in this topic too especially the function that have a long list to manage.

Sorry for bad English, Thank for read, hope to see the improvement. :D


  • Hello Kanitchet,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback to us. It is very important to us as this is the only way to improve our product as well as our service.

    It has been sent to the appropriate department and please do not hesitate to contact us at any time and send us your opinion or any question that might have regarding the protection of your system.

    Thank you.