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Bluescreen Error After Recovering Factory Settings



I've HP dv6226tx notebook.

I've used recovery partitoon to recover to original factory settings.

It's working fine except terrifying bluescreen error i got thrice..

Now i've got blue screen 3-4 times and my laptop rebooted.

i didnt remember error on blue screen except it was written that check your bios if it's latest and updated like that. i want to know where's the problem? how to update bios?

I've uploaded debug file which was analysed by some experts and they told it could be due to bit defender and ask bit defender to solve..

CAN it be problem in ram/hdd? how to check it? Thanks

Please check and help me.




Done it shdnt be problem in ram.


  • Hello raj24,

    Regarding your issues, please be so kind as to follow the steps from this link in order to provide us with the reports we need for further investigation.

    The reports will be sent directly to our Technical Support Team and you will receive an automatic reply shortly. Please send me a PM with the ticket ID from the Subject of the e-mail so that I may analyze the reports and send you a solution as soon as possible.

    Thank you.