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Bitdefender Internet Security 2010 Vs Spyware Terminator


I posted this on Spyware terminator's forum today, but im also hoping that someone here can help me.

I apologize if i have posted in the wrong section, im new here.

Im using BitDefender Internet Security 2010 3 year registered version.

Yesterday, i installed spyware terminator on my computer and went to sleep, leaving my PC on, because i was downloading Microsoft Office 2010 beta version.

When i woke up today morning, i saw a taskbar icon saying there is not enough space on C: drive.

My HDD is a 320gb SATA with 30 gb for C:, with XP home genuine,

(Windows update is enabled and up to date in my PC, no problems here).

When i saw the C: drive last night, it had around 8gb free space, but today morning it showed that i had only 100 mb free space.

I saw that when spyware terminator had performed an update, BDIS gave me a pop up that a threat had been blocked,

so i went to BitDefender quarantine and to my horror found that 8gb of quarantined files were stored since last night.

I deleted the files permanently from my computer to recover the space.

Does Spyware terminator conflict with BDIS 2010? Is this a known issue?

I have currently uninstalled ST, but would like to use it if the issue has been resolved.


  • Hello ashwin,

    Regarding your question, please be informed that having more then one security product installed on the same PC will cause incompatibility issues and the normal action of either one of them is not guaranteed.

    In time they start scanning each other's files, blocking them and the system will slow down or even crash.

    Even if they are turned off, there are some active processes running in the background.

    We strongly recommend keeping only one security solution installed on your computer.

    Thank you.

  • ashwin
    edited March 2010

    I believe that my issue has been resolved

    As replied to Cham in Spyware terminator forum:

    I dont remember the names of the quarantined files.

    I deleted them as they all had similar names and were detected in a single day.

    But i have downloaded the offline version of Spyware Terminator 2.6

    I have installed it, but now it seems to be working alongside BDIS.

    I dont understand this, i clearly remember a BDIS pop up blocking Spyware Terminator.

    I swear i saw ST's shield icon on the pop-up, it said something like ss.exe or smss.

    The updating of databse seems like a peer to peer connection.

    Maybe BDIS blocked the P2P connections? Or it was just a false positive on BD's part?

    Im confused how that happened.

    But anyway the problem seems to be solved, i will post this on my comment on the BD forum too.

    Sorry if i caused you any trouble, i guess i panicked.

    But 8gb of quarantined files cannot be ignored, right! Anyone would have complained.

    Thanks for the wonderful product, never seen a free spyware remover that provides Real time protection.

    Havent used it for long, but something tells me i will :-)

    And Aurelian Neagu,

    Thanks for replying to my query.

    Im just new to BitDefender. I use Norton on my other computer.

    Didnt know about BD's detecting methods.

    Now im quite used to BD.

    Very impressive, although scanning speeds are slow compared to other security solution.

    It is not the first time i am using multiple security softwares, normally i use on demand spyware scanners, like the free versions of malwarebytes, superantispyware. (No realtime protection from spywares though)

    I have already tested Spyware Terminator with another security solution.

    Both real time protections worked flawlessly.

    And i agree with you that most security softwares conflict with each other detecting them as threats.

    But i think ST and BDIS seems to make a lovely pair :-)

    Seriously, it can detect threats that BD missed, so its like an add-on to my PC.

    If it conflicts i will remove it and stick to my BitDefender.

    I have a valid subscription for 3 years :-)

    Thanks again for your help

    Best Regards