3 Pc 2 Year License Different Installation Times

I purchased a 2 Year License for Bitdefender 2009 for 2 PC's about 11 months ago. At that time I installed the first licensed copy on my father's PC. The other 2 licenses were unused.

The other day I decided to install my second license on my PC. After updating and registering, my copy of BitDefender shows that I have only 388 days remaining untill my license expires.

Shouldn't my day countdown have started at 730 days remaining? (365days x 2yrs) It appears that my copy is set to expire at the same time as my father's original installation. Is this correct?

I find it hard to believe that there isn't a separate counter for each licensed account?

Any insight would be appreciated.


  • Hello protius,

    You have one license, for 2 PCs/2Years. Which means that it's the same license for both systems, having the same expiration date (not two difference licenses, with 2 different expiration dates). Any such registration key's validity starts when you first activate it (on the first system) and expires after it's predetermined period (in your case: 2 years) on all systems.

    The behavior is normal.


  • That's rather disappointing to say the least. My current version of Bitdefender didn't expire at the same time as my fathers license did so there was no point in wasting a year since we made different purchases. Why then do people have to go through the process of registering with you when they install? We had different versions installed at different times and so I end up short a year whereas I thought I had 2 years from the end of my previous version.

    I guess between this and the fact that the product actually stops working, unlike Norton which is a terrible resource hog, at the end of the subscription period it seems I have about 388 days to find a replacement product.

    I do, however, thank you for the quick answer and enjoyed the use of the product up to this point.

  • alexcrist
    edited February 2010

    As I said, every key has it's own expiration date (related to it's original activation date).

    My current version of Bitdefender didn't expire at the same time as my fathers license did so there was no point in wasting a year since we made different purchases.

    From this statement, I understand that you previously had 2 different licenses. In this case, it's normal and logical that they had separate and independent expiration dates.

    But now, the key you have is one key. Therefore, it has one single expiration date. A multi-user license key (such as yours, which is a 2user key) is meant to be used on multiple systems (in your case, 2 systems) at the same time. A multi-user key is nor designed to be used separately and independently on multiple systems because this could be misinterpreted (such as "a 2user/1year key is NOT a 1user/2year license").

    In other words: your license key is a so-called payed subscription to BitDefender services (according to BitDefender End User License Agreement, which you agreed to by installing and using BitDefender products). A 2user/2year license key is a subscription for 2 years, for 2 users. It's one single subscription, not 2 subscriptions. Once the subscription expires, the key is invalidated and both users using that key will have to renew the subscription (either individually, or with another 2user license).

    I hope this is clear enough.


  • Sorry you went through such a lengthy reply...I understood what you meant with regard to your licensing structure...I am simply disappointed not to have the 2 years remaining that I thought I had. Oh well...