Grayed Out Anti Phishing In Ie8

I'm using the free edition of Bitdefender Antiphishing 2009 in IE8, OS Windows XP. It is grayed out in the toolbar and I have no option to enable it. Is it supposed to be like this? In the menu bar it only has the following options available: Settings, History, Help, About, Recommend to Friden, send Feedback, buy bitdefender. Everything is else is grayed out. Any help that can be given woud be appreciated.



  • Hello bbm906,

    Please try to use the repair option from BitDefender as follows:

    • Click on the START menu button
    • Go to All Programs -> BitDefender 2009 -> Repair or Remove
    • Follow the on-screen instructions and restart the computer each time you are requested to
    • Test to see if the issue still replicates
    Please let us know if the situation will be fixed after following the above steps.

    Thank you!