Bad Selling Points

I'm not going to knock BitDefender. I'm sure it's good at doing the important things for which it was designed. I'm not about to return to Norton's av. McAffee, the last time I tried it, was just way to ugly and mystifying.

My BD is about to expire, for which reason it pops up a message I've never seen before telling me that. There's info in the prog telling me that already. This new message pops up after I've clicked on my Firefox. And it parks a tab on my taskbar. And I'm waiting for my Firefox while my pc works furiously... doing what? I'm trying to right click the ###### BD message to remove it, to no avail. So I re-click my Firefox. Whew!

I have no time, really, for writing this. Who has? It's this wonderful capitalist paradise that everyone believes in. The priorities of our society are, in my view, totally screwy.

BD developers: Don't do crap like that would be my suggestion. Programs can always be made more user friendly as well. That's not really a dig at BD, because it's no better or worse than most progs in that regard. That's just a bit of free advice from a non techie user.

For now, I'm going to use something free. I've got Avirus on my laptop. It seems fine and gets good recommendations (not that I've heard from many people about it). I may return to BD later and I still tell people that it's a better option than some of the other more common programs flhying around and good value as well.

That's all.