Inconvenient Blocking

Hi everyone,

Just be aware that I come from france, then... Maybe my hanguage ability won't be that goog :P

I don't really know if the english community is very active, but I hope that someone will be able to answer me...

So, I'm using Bitdefender 2009, which was settled by an computer spet - I acknowledge that he didn't seemed to master the use of computer (which is quite...). And today, bitdefender block la huge range of websites, and there is no windows where I can enter the password, so I can't use these websites, ewpecially my Orange emailbox...

Let me add that Bitdefender don't work anymore, here is a screenshoot of what I have.


I hope that you understand me and that you'll be able to give me some help ;)


post scriptum : I'm using Windows Vista