[solved] Don't Scan External Drive

I'm sure this has been discussed - my apologies for not finding it on the search.

I am unable to locate the "spot" to deselect my "D" drive and my external hard drive from the anti-virus scans. I have found the place to schedule the scans, but the default is showing 3 drives, and I only want to scan the "C" drive. (The external drive is only used to store my backups and if my normal scans are working then there shouldn't be any problem on the external drive.)

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  • Hello hew2nd,

    On the tab with the scan tasks you have a button on the lower-right side of the window which creates a new scan task.

    Create a new scan task, open it's properties and select whatever locations you want to scan and save it.

    The default tasks are set to scan all partitions (except Quick Scan, which scans only important system files). So a user defined task is the answer to your question.


  • hew2nd
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    Excellent - thank you.

  • You're welcome, hew2nd.

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