Problems After Uninstalling Bitdefender

I had Bitdefender 2009 and the update 2010 installed. I found that bitdefender slowed my laptop down so much that I could barely work on it anymore. I decided to uninstall in. I had no problem uninstalling the 2010 version which I downloaded through an internet update. I had to insert the 2009 disk to uninstall the 2009 version. After I restarted my computer, it would no longer connect to the internet. The wireless connection is still working but it won't allow me internet access. What could be the problem here. I must add, my laptop is now running perfectly and I won't be using Birdefender ever again after the endless problems I've had trying it install/uninstall etc. Please, some advise from anyone?


  • Hello Angi,

    I do believe that the issue you encounter is due to either having multiple security solutions installed on the same computer or not uninstalling BitDefender using the removal tool we provide.

    I have sent you an email to the address associated with your forum account with instructions on how to generate a log file that will help us further investigate the matter and find a resolution.

    Please reply to the email and attach the requested log file. Thank you!