Scheduled Scan Won't Scan

I'm using Internet Security 2009

I have a full system scan scheduled to run every night a one minute after midnight. However, it does not run. My computer is "asleep" at that time but it used to wake up and run, and now it doesn't.

Any ideas?



  • Can you manually start a full scan?

  • Yes I can. That seems to work OK

    Can you manually start a full scan?
  • In order to further investigate please complete the following steps and send me the logs generated at the end of these steps as listed below:

    1. Download (SAVE)

    2. Locate and open 'Sysdump.exe'

    3. A command prompt window will appear on your screen. Please note that the information gathering process can take a several minutes therefore please wait until the black window closes by itself.

    4. The result will be the file called 'SYSDUMP.TAR' located in the same place where you download sysdump.exe

    When you have the sysdump.tar please attach it as a reply to this email along with a screenshot of the error message you receive (if any).

    [How to create a screen shot]

    On Windows, press the Print Screen or Prnt Scrn key on your keyboard, found at the upper right of the keyboard. This key will capture the entire screen. Open up your paint program -click on "Start-> All Programs-> Accessories-> Paint".

    In the paint program, select File/New, then Edit/Paste then save the file as JPG type.