[Resolved]How To Block Ads?

I'm using BitDefender Internet Security 2010 from 1 week, but advertisements always shown, when I was using Kaspersky I had no problem with blocking ads.

So is there a way to Block ads? :)


  • Actually Kaspersky has separate module "Anti-Banner" which blocks ads, but regarding Bitdefender there may be some other settings to do so. Someone kindly share these settings in Bitdefender

  • I'm pretty sure BitDefender does not have an ad-blocker, just the anti-phishing module. I rely on browser plug-ins for ad blocking. Firefox + NoScript is about the best you can possibly do (incl. from a security perspective), but it takes some patience to auto-accept the websites that you want to function properly.

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    Can you please be a little more specific about the pop-ups are you referring to ? Please post one ore more screenshots with these notifications so I can further guide you.


  • Hello DanyDan

    I manage to get some requested snapshots.




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    No, those kind of Internet pop-ups can't be blocked using BitDefender, however you can use the default pop-up blocker embedded in Opera, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.


  • Thanks ONT & you DanyDan

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