Invalid License Key?

Well, everytime i start up my PC, the Bitdefender icon turns gray and become inactive. I have to use another license key to activate again. Why??

I am using BD 2009 by the way.


  • Hi,

    What BitDefender 2009 are you using ? What Windows ?

  • BitDefender 2009 Total Security

    I am using window XP.

  • Hi,

    Follow the steps below in order to upgrade for FREE to our latest version, BitDefender Total Security 2010:

    1. Please use our uninstall tool in order to uninstall/delete any previous BitDefender related files:

    2. Access the link and when the window with the BitDefender file appears, please choose the "Save to disk" option. Save the tool on the PC, run it and restart the computer when prompted.

    3. Next please download and install THIS file

    For 64bits computer download the file below:

    64bits version

    4. After installation restart the computer. When the computer is back up use your license key to register the software.