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I use bitdefender on my XP and it has worked great for the first month, but now I have a problem with the vsserv.exe process- it's using over than 50% from my cpu.

What can I do? It doesnwt stop, and my computer works slowly.


  • Hello,

    1. Open the BitDefender window, select Settings, then select the Expert mode in Switch UI and click on Apply and then on Ok.

    2. Go to the Update module and click on Settings;

    3. Select the boxes next to "Prompt before downloading updates" from Automatic and Manual Update Settings;

    4. Click on Apply;

    5. Restart the computer in Safe Mode.

    [How to restart in Safe Mode]

    - Restart the computer (Windows Start button - Turn Off - Restart);

    - Press the 'F8' key several times before Microsoft Windows begins to load; you need to press 'F8' until you will be displayed a text menu;

    - Select 'SAFE MODE' in the text menu and press 'Enter'.

    - Wait while Windows loads in Safe Mode; this process ends with a confirmation message; click 'OK' to acknowledge.

    3. Browse to the:

    'C:\Program Files\BitDefender\BitDefender 2009' folder and search for 'as2core.dll'.

    4. Please rename it with a name at your choice and restart the computer in Normal mode.

    5. Test to see if the issue still persist.