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No Responce From Customer Service


On the 12th August Bitdefender charged my credit card AU $68.73 for renewal of my subscription to your product, however I hadn't used your product for well over 12 months. You were not given my permission as I was not notified because I couldn't be notified, the email address you have on record no longer exists. I have attempted to get a response from you on more than four occasions and you have ignored me every time. I refer to my original ticket number 201009081003081 from the automated response for you to respond, I am most unhappy with Bitdefender's lack of care on this matter and having read a number of other complaints on this forum I obviously don't stand alone.

Please feel free to actually respond this time


  • A confirmation for you refund has already been sent today. Sorry for the delay. :)

  • Hi there,

    I have very similar experience with the customer service/support. There is no reply.

    I had 3-year service, and renewed the contract one time. Then we close the business hence registered email address and mailing address became null. Also BitDefender's MyAccount site does not allow you to change the original email address.

    So when the renewed subscription for service expired, I am sure BitDefender sent out the email for renewal question, but to non-existing address. So apparently you renewed automatically and charged $189.95US to may credit card for 5-PC/3 years.

    I believe that such a renewal without my written permission is illegal. Besides, just like mattdee, I have not been using bitdefender service for a couple of years now due to closure of business.

    I requested to cancel the service, delete the account and refund, to MyAccount/MySupport/Contact Customer Care and under "Contact us" emails.

    But so far no reply yet.

    One of the biggest problems is that your online MyAccount has no capability to change vital info such as email address, and also lacks the ability to cancel service contract.

    I wonder how many people have similar problems.

  • George R.
    edited January 2011

    Hello Ssaito,

    The automatic renewal option was selected during the initial purchase process. Your refund request was answered and closed in under 48 hours - ticket ID 201101191000102

    Please post a new topic for each request. :)

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