"update Error The Server Address Is Not Correct"; Setup Log Only - No Removal?

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After booting a notebook with the rescue CD a popup appears:

"Update error The server address is not correct"

afterwards it seems to me that the scanning starts automatically WITHOUT updating the virus signatures.


How can I force the RescueCD to update?

The notebook is connected to a router via WLAN/Wifi.

It works (when booted normally with WInXP) successfully.

Further question: How can I tell BD to NOT remove found viruses but only report them?

The scanning starts automatically without giving the user the chance to setup some preferences?



  • ...no answer?

  • hi pstein ,

    could you please let us know the update path .if in update path mentioned you local server ip or host name and you are not connected to server then only this type of error message will appear.

    you can download update from internet and can install manually .

  • rootkit


    Please connect your laptop via cable to the internet. You shouldn't have any more issues with the update after this.

    Thank you.