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Bit Defender Antivirus 2009 Does Not Uninstall


My Bit Defender antivirus 2009 was not responsie for last 1 month and I could not manually start a scan. I tried to repair it with a original CD and runing Autorun.exe. It prompted my for dowlonad new version... when I click NO, and then it pops a dialog saying - a newer version of Bit Defender 2009 is detected on this machine and has to be uninstalled to complete this installation. When i click OK, I get wizard dialog saying ..Bit Defender installation ended prematurely... and I get 3 buttons...Run Uninstall Tool, Scan and AV Scan. When I clik -Run Uninstall tool it opens Uninstall tool where I click uninstall, it lists out what are the components it is able uninstall.

There are 2 items it failed to un-install - Delete main registry keys & Delete remaining registry values.

It seems that I am able to uninstall all except registry keys which is preventing me a re-install. But I still see Bit Defender in Cotrol Panel, but again, when I try uninstall from control panel, it fails find the ....msi which I guess was already deleted as part of my earlier un-install process.

Can somebody guide me how to fix this so that I can re-install? I am running Windows Vista Home premium eidition that comes with a new laptop.




  • If your PC hardware meets the minimum requirements, you might be better off upgrading for free to the 2011 version. You can read about it and get the necessary instructions in this topic.

    Download and run the BD uninstall tool which can be found HERE. Then, either download and install BDAV 2011 from the appropriate link found HERE, or the 2009 version which can be downloaded from HERE.

    Hope that helps,