Conflict With Bo Clean

At least on my system. there is a definite conflict between the new version, BitDefender Antivirus 2008 and BO Clean 4.25. I asked about this previously, as my system would not shut down with BD 2008 Antivirus installed. BO Clean would hang as there was BD 2008 asking for registry permission to allow BO Clean 4.25 to close. The system stopped at Windows .....saving your settings, and froze there. This was not a problem with BD Antivirus v.10. i just re-installed BD Antivirus v.10 on my system after uninstalling BD Antivirus 2008. The system now works just fine, as I have no problem rebooting or shutting down. Yes. I tried re-installing and uninstalling BD 2008 and BO Clean 4.25 and the same things happened. So for now, I'm sticking with BD Antivirus v.10, as there are no conflicts. My wife's system also has a similar setup, and no problems there, either.