Who Controls Who (parental Control) [resolved]


I had a hard time upgrading Bitdefender Total Security from v2010 to 2011 on 2 of my 3 pc’s. I was warned. Every year when I upgrade it takes me about 5 hours to ‘finish’ the installation with lot of problems. A crash after installation on a relative new netbook, unable to register on another pc (I do have 114 days left on my old license) and stopped services when I did a system scan on the third pc. Maybe the installation routines have to be revised since the problems are on all of my pc’s (of course properly maintained;).

Finally I managed to run the program on my home network.

I noticed that BD TS slows the performance on the netbook, not on the other pc’s. I can live with that. It’s harder to see which files have been deleted. The log file only shows a summary (5 infected files deleted) and further clicking shows more, but not which cookies ( I guess only cookies) have been deleted (in v2010 I saw this immediate after the scan).

Documentation is sparse. About performance optimization I found no information what it supposed to do.

Blocking of websites due to parental control (although this option is set to off) is a a real problem. And I’m not the only one. I like to control the software myself and not vice versa.

I’m waiting for a patch or a solution.


Ton Meijers


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