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Renewing/upgrading Questions


Hi , my license for total security 2009 is running out soon and i have a few questions:

1) I understand that i can upgrade to 2011 for free but am i right in assuming that doesn't renew the license?

(also would i have to upgrade on another computer that has total security 2009 installed with the same key?)

2) If upgrading doesn't renew the license, then would buying a retail copy from a local store of internet security 2011, installing over my 2009 installation, and registering the key that comes with the retail copy work just as well as buying a license key online? (i guess i'd have to get a copy that can work with more than one computer to also license my second computer with 2009)

edit: one more question: if im buying and registering a key before my first key runs out does it wait for the first key to expire or should i just wait for the first key to run out?

thanks for reading :)


  • George R.
    edited January 2011

    Hello apuya24,

    You can upgrade to the latest BitDefender version at any time, you are right to assume that this does mean a renewal of your subscription.

    Also, during the upgrade process, the new BitDefender Total Security 2011 license should merge automatically with the remaining time on your previous subscription. If not, please let me know via PM and it will be resolved most conveniently :)

    Let me know if this did not cover all your questions.

  • Thanks for the reply. So let me get this straight, by upgrading to 2011, and registering with my current key does 'renew my subscription' mean that it adds, say, a year to my license for free?

  • Hello apuya24,

    No, upgrading and registering with a new purchased license key would mean extending your current subscription period. :)

  • Okay thanks for clearing that up :)

    Anyway, to purchase a new key, would buying locally be the same as buying from bitdefender's site?

    (and i'd need to buy one that works on multiple computers to match my current installation?)

  • Hello apuya24,

    There is no difference between purchasing a license key online or with a retail box. The number of users does not need to match. In any case, Customer Service will resolve any possible misunderstandings. :)

  • Alright George thank you for your help! I still have about 100 days left so I don't need to rush on anything but now I have questions answered. :D

  • Glad to be of help apuya24 :)

    Have a nice day!

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