Bdfw 2011 - Can You Turn Off Firewall On An Interface

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Hi there,

I have Bit Defender 2011 TS running on a Vista 64Bit Server SP2.

I have had no issues whatsoever and I am very happy with the product set but lately I was given a Juniper VPN client to use to access some specific work servers. The Client loads OK, and connects OK with no warnings but I can see that there is no traffic allowed through. I have Created a Firewall Rule for the application for ANY protocol across all events and for TRUSTED and HOME/OFFICE use. I have also defined it to be ANY PORT and ANY IP or both Local and Remote addresses.

I have also tried to enter a Network Zone for the VPN interface - but the problem is that the interface changes IP address through DHCP regularly. So I cannot specify an IP address for the Zone. I had tried creating a network profile for the interface with all combinations of Network Type, VPN, Stealth and Generic but still no traffic passes.

Is there a way to segment the interface and block BDFW from monitoring it but continuing to monitor and protect the other interfaces ?



  • Hello andyshall,

    If the network for the VPN has a dynamic IP address then you need to select under Generic: Yes

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    Any success in using Juniper VPN? For me it works only when I disable BDFW completely (BTW, the same with Nortel VPN - doesn't work with BDFW). So for now I am running with built in Windows firewall (and BDFW disabled)...

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    IMPORTANT: Before running the Support Tool make sure you enable the "Increase log verbosity" for the Firewall module within BitDefender.

    1. Open BitDefender and switch it to Expert View;

    2. Go to Firewall module;

    3. Go to Activity tab;

    4. Check the box next to "Increase log verbosity";

    5. Try to reproduce the issue 2-3 times;

    6. Go to the location below:

    C:\Program Files\Common Files\BitDefender\BitDefender Firewall

    Send me the file "bdfirewall.txt" and the Support Tool file as download links after you upload the two files HERE

    We will analyze the information you sent and then reply with a possible solution in the shortest time.