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Bitdefender Program In Taskbar



I am having a weird issue in that a bit defender "tab" is present in the task bar next as though it is a running program next to say my browser process tab, music player process tab and so on. I am unable to close that and it is just real estate on my taskbar. Any workarounds for this? This started after I updated to the latest software and restarted my PC. Thanks.


  • Hi arsenal_fan,

    First I want to apologize for my delay in responding to your post. In case the issue you posted here still exists, I need you to come with screenshots of the red icons you see in your system tray and also with the windows you see when you double click on them. It would be great if when you will take the screenshots with the red icons, to put the mouse over them (I want to see if there is something written).

    How to take a Screenshot:

    1. When the window is on the screen please press the "PrintScreen" key ("PrintScreen" is located at the top of the keyboard, at right. At this step we can not see anything, as the picture is copied into Windows's clipboard);

    2. Open a graphic editing application (We recommend using the standard Paint program, that comes with every Windows installation (Start > Program > Accessories > Paint));

    3. Paste the picture in a new Paint document;

    4. Save the file in JPEG format.

    Thank you!

  • netroutes
    edited February 2011

    I'm having this problem and since the other poster didn't reply, I will.

    I am using Windows Vista. Here is my screenshot.


    The tab doesn't do anything when clicked. Sometimes it goes away at boot, but mostly not. Would like to get rid of it please.

    I can't edit my comments????

    Anyway, wanted to add that it's Windows Vista 64

  • Hello,

    Follow the steps explained in THIS article then send me a PM with the generated log file along with a detailed description of the issue you encounter and the link to this topic.

    Looking forward to your answer!