How Do I Stop Standard Accts From Opening Bitdefender 2011?

With BD Internet Security 2010, I blocked noviceui.exe using Vista Parental Controls, and that stopped my children from opening the BD interface.

I don't see a similar exec in Internet Security 2011. What BD Internet security 2011 files do I block to prevent access that wouldn't interfere with Bitdefender's function?

I have configured BD parental controls for a 6 and 10 yr old and added a password, but they can still click the icon to open the interface. Thanks for your help.


  • Hi Markmcs,

    Sorry for my delay. Be informed that this is not possible, but in order to prevent your kids to make any changes in your BitDefender, you can set a password for the product. In order to do this, please open BitDefender in Expert View, from General select the Settings tab and check the option: 'Enable password protection for product settings'.

    Thank you!