From: When I Install Bitdefender Ts 2010 Trail On Xp, After Install Xp Doesnt Boot

Yes I formatted. I don't have any viruses. As I scanned my xp partition with AVG using linux.

The disk is not damaged as I only burned it yesterday using linux.

I think its to do with my mobo or something, but I cant really change it as its a micro-atx pc.

Every once in a while when I turn my pc on the screen goes all different colours and boot_s but the image is a lot lower and a ###### up resolution.

Before I reinstalled, I installed bitdefender and it wouldnt boot, so I checked my harddrive with AVG linux and it was clear, even though AVG finds everything has a virus.

Hi Jacob.Kay,


so no viruses?

hard disk clean and safe? (CHKDSK C: /F helps)

memory ok? (MEMTEST...)

I do not think Bitdefender brought trouble on a freshly reformated windows system.

If you can't change material in your micro-atx, especially video card (video card is inner in the motherboard I guess?, let's consider another possible issue:

the two systems going together: Windows & Linux.

Many people say it is possible to have two systems and a dual boot, but on Linux sites, where we can download Ubuntu, it is clear too it is not the safest option to follow and it can bring trouble.


After having formated, and so on, you should be able to get a clean, stable system to run with Bitdenfender as well.

(However I never installed Bitdefender on a Linux system, no experience.)

Two questions:

1) Your windows is a genuine one? :huh:

2) Do you plan to keep two systems together or would you try Windows alone?


Good luck