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Problem When Start Computer


Hello all Friends

I installed (Bitdefender Antivirus Pro 2011 - Ver: with windows XP-SP3 - but when start computer and up to the desktop computer is freeze for 5 minute almost or more.

I said that it wants to update vulnerability, but something did not work - all update required was done without any problems, but the problem still exists......

What is the work of this problem


  • Hello,

    I received your PM and the log files. As you did not have a ticket created, I created one on your behalf. ID: 201102221010855.

    I have noticed that several infected files were found after a full system scan. Before we can start fixing the issue you encounter, we need to first be certain that there are no infected files present in your PC. I have sent you the steps on how to check that via email in the ticket ID mentioned above.

    You will work on this with my colleague Cristi Raducu from the Malware department. As soon as we have his confirmation that your PC is virus free, we will resolve the scanning issue you encounter.

    Also it may be possible that the scanning error you encounter to be because of the USB Disk Security however can't tell you for sure yet.

    Please check your email associated with your Forum account and send me the requested information. You will have my answer in the shortest time possible.